The Psychology Behind Why a Healthy Routine is a Fundamental Part of Recovery

A structured routine gives some predictability in life and the recovery process. The road to recovery is bumpy, and a healthy routine is the first step in starting over again.

Routine, structure and discipline has a positive effect our lives whether or not we suffer from addiction. Let’s explore what you can do to introduce a healthy routine into your recovery. 

The Benefits of Structure

Recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction is a good starting point to start the new life of sobriety you’ve always dreamed of by creating new habits. A healthy routine will help work on self-control and lead to improved mental and physical health.

Here are some helpful tips for a healthy routine:

Create a New Normal

Starting recovery brings many uncertainties, along with facing the pain of addiction. A healthy routine will help ease the anxiety and fear of this change, which empowers you to keep going. After two months, many people have settled into their routine quite comfortably.

Work on Self-Control

A daily routine will help work on self-control, helping to avoid past habits. Willpower is vital to a healthy routine. It’s not to say that temptation won’t come knocking, the difference is that a healthy routine will keep you confident and in control.

Self-control isn’t some superpower you can call on whenever you need it. It’s more like a muscle that needs exercise to keep it strong so that it’s ready when you really need it.

Mental Health and Self-Esteem

Problems with self-esteem can be at the root of many addiction issues. Therapy treatment programs are for someone to address these issues and practice healthier coping strategies.

Healthy routines can help someone boost their mental health by focusing on the wins more than the slip-ups. Whether that means when you find you can run a mile under 10 minutes or regularly attend support groups, each win is key.

Your Physical Health

Almost overnight, you will notice that you feel better, stronger and even happier. A consistent routine will do wonders when it comes to your physical health, and it’ll show. A regular sleep schedule is a real game-changer, and it’ll leave you with more energy, keeping you busier when it counts.

Daily Schedule for a Successful Sobriety

You might be thinking that filling your time with a healthy routine sounds perfect.

But what do you fill it with?

Depending on your interests and what you prioritize, your schedule can look different from someone else’s. Here is a list of suggestions that you might want to consider adding to your plan:

  • regular bedtime and wake-up time
  • exercise is an essential
  • basic hygiene
  • eating meals at normal times
  •  attending support meetings
  • find balance with work and personal life
  • checklist for daily chores
  • find some hobbies you love
  • social time with loved ones 

This list is possible ideas; everybody’s schedule will look different based on what works best for you. Be open to change during various stages of recovery as you grow too.

Tips and Tricks for Routine in Recovery

Remember that recovery is a process and “slow and steady” to keep in mind when things feel overwhelming.

Below is a list of things to consider when making your new routine:

  • sobriety is priority #1
  • be flexible with yourself and your new routine
  • find things to do that use your mind and body
  • don’t be afraid to ask for help if you’re struggling
  • focus on making progress, not perfection

As you grow and change, allow your routine to do the same. Being flexible to change can help make your recovery a successful one.

Aspen can Help

Taking the first step into treatment for drugs or alcohol dependence can be scary if done alone. Let our team of medical professionals and recovery experts guide you as you begin to learn how to handle the stressors of a sober life. Our team is ready to help you every step of your road to recovery and to help change your life for the better. Contact the Aspen Behavioral Group to learn how we can help.


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