As patients successfully navigate their first few months in their drug and alcohol rehabilitation, they will enjoy a structured outpatient program to help them readjust to their day-to-day lives.

Life with Aspen’s Intensive Outpatient Program

While keeping the benefit of private and group therapy, IOP helps you start building healthy habits and strategies for your eventual life outside of Aspen. 

You still have all the support you need as you start building your own schedule, attending meetings, and even starting to mentor others who may be going through what you are.

Our Treatment Program

Treatment continues at our facility where you’ll still attend group and individual therapy sessions and receive on-site support. We’ll also help you develop life skills to help you create a positive schedule, seek employment and self-manage your attendance to step meetings. 

It’s a way for us to help you reconnect with your life in a more positive way while supporting your personal growth with expert advice and open communication.

Aftercare Programs

Intensive outpatients will graduate to regular outpatients who can choose to return and help others while still receiving the benefits of Aspen’s expert care team.