Aspen Behavioral Health is an accredited alcohol rehab and treatment center in West Palm Beach, Florida. We aim to help patients struggling with alcohol and substance abuse to reclaim their lives. 

Our outpatient alcohol rehab and treatment programs aim to equip you or your loved one with the following:

  • Good health
  • Lessons about alcohol addiction and recovery
  • Overcoming mental health disorders
  • Leading a sober life and resuming your occupational, family or social life
  • Creating a support network through our alumni groups

We have helped thousands of people overcome alcohol addiction. We can certainly guide you on your transition to sobriety and sanity.

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What is Outpatient Alcohol Rehab?

Outpatient alcohol rehab involves treating patients with alcohol and substance abuse as they commute to our facility from their residences. 

We only allow outpatient treatments for patients with stable homes and families because we want to ensure they have enough support to prevent relapse. 

Initially, the patient may have to attend treatment daily. As they continue with recovery, we may lessen the number of weekly treatments. 

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Is Our Outpatient Alcohol Rehab & Treatment Center the Choice for You? 

We recommend outpatient rehab and treatment for patients willing to overcome an alcohol use disorder (AUD) but who cannot go through inpatient or residential programs. Some reasons you may not book into an inpatient facility include work, school or family commitments.

Moreover, outpatient alcohol rehab will only work for patients with mild levels of addiction. If you have used alcohol for a prolonged time, we may need to book you for an inpatient program. This way, we can monitor your progress, especially when alcohol withdrawal symptoms kick in. 

Our outpatient alcohol rehab programs involve a combination of different treatment methods applied on a per-patient basis. The treatment options include alcohol detox (done under the careful watch of professionals), alcohol counseling and individual and group therapies. 

Are you struggling with alcohol addiction? 

You aren’t alone. Many others are going through the same struggle. The only difference is that you’re willing to live a healthy and fulfilling life free from the grip of addiction. 

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What are the Different Types of Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Programs? 

We offer three main types of outpatient alcohol rehab programs. We may recommend all or one, depending on your specific needs. 

Day Treatment Programs/ Partial Hospitalization Programs

Day programs are the most structured outpatient treatment plans and the most intensive. You are required to attend treatment 5-7 days a week and may be required to stay within the facility full day or half day. 

Your schedule during day treatment may involve alcohol detoxification under supervision by our professionals, group therapies and individual therapies. 

The duration of treatment under day programs may vary from patient to patient. Some patients take weeks, while others will last for months. However, we will only clear you from intensive day programs once we are sure that you can quickly identify triggers and overcome them. 

Intensive Outpatient Programs 

Intensive outpatient programs (IOP) are more flexible compared to day programs. If we book you for an intensive outpatient program, you may need to attend treatment several days a week and for several hours. 

At the beginning of treatment, you help us set goals with corresponding milestones. The more you achieve these goals, we will lessen your treatment attendance until we are sure that you can manage on your own. 

This treatment option is only viable for patients with a strong support system back home. 

Continued Care Support Groups 

Support groups are among the last stages of your alcohol addiction recovery. You get to meet people on the same journey as you are. 

These sessions are crucial, as they help you share your goals, achievements and setbacks, if any. Other patients in your group will also share tips on what works for them in their journey to sobriety. 

After you complete treatment, you join support groups where you meet at least once a week. You can continue attending these sessions until you feel comfortable on your own. 

We will guide your journey through alcohol addiction until you can regain your healthy state again. If you have any questions about what programs or programs are best for you, please get in touch with an Aspen intake specialist. 

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Differences Between Inpatient and Outpatient Alcohol Rehab & Treatment

Our outpatient and inpatient alcohol rehab and treatment programs are similar in that they both combine different strategies to ensure patients overcome their struggles with alcohol. 

However, inpatient and outpatient programs do have some notable differences. Here is a table summarizing these differences so that you can make an informed decision. 

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab & Treatment Inpatient Alcohol Rehab & Treatment
Treats mild cases of alcohol addiction Treats more severe cases of addiction and prolonged alcohol usage
Part-time treatment attendance  Full hospitalization 
More flexible and allows for school, work and family time Stricter because patients have to remain within the treatment center for the full duration of their treatment 
Longer treatment duration up to 1 year Shorter treatment spans 1-3 months 
Usually cheaper than inpatient treatment A bit expensive as it requires more intensive care for patients


If you have questions, we have answers, particularly on the types of insurance we accept to lessen the cost of your treatment.

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How Long Does Outpatient Alcohol Rehab Last?

Alcohol use disorder is a chronic illness requiring lifelong commitment to long-term sobriety. Outpatient and inpatient treatment plans are just the beginning of the recovery journey. Depending on the level of addiction, it takes different timeframes for patients to recover fully.

If you have a mild case of alcohol abuse that has not progressed to addiction, it could take you a shorter time than a patient with a history of prolonged alcohol abuse. Some patients take months while others take years to recover. 

It is important to note that, even after the initial alcohol detox in combination with therapy, we follow up with aftercare support until you can manage independently. The time it takes to feel confident will vary from patient to patient.

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Benefits of Outpatient Rehab for Alcohol Addiction

Outpatient rehab is a long-term treatment plan that offers a transition to patients who have been through inpatient programs. Here are some of the benefits of going through outpatient rehab programs. 

  • Outpatient treatments allow you to continue with your life and other commitments while still going through treatment
  • You can continue with treatment for as long as you want because there is no time limit
  • You get to practice what you learn in real-life situations as you’re not in a controlled environment
  • The treatment is usually cheaper than inpatient rehab programs
  • Outpatient rehab programs offer the same quality of treatment and services as inpatient rehab

Outpatient Alcohol Rehab That Cares 

Aspen Behavioral Health is an alcohol rehab and treatment center that cares about your health. We aim to ensure every person with an AUD who goes through our care enjoys a healthy, sober life after treatment. 

Even after the initial intensive treatment programs, we follow up with aftercare. We offer individual, group and family therapies to help you form a great support system during your recovery. 

We are a team of experienced medical experts with experience working with alcohol addiction cases of all kinds. You, too, can be healthy and happy again; all you need to do is take the next brave step and talk to an expert today. 


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