Aspen’s clinical program fosters positive changes in our patients’ journey to health. By creating a recovery timeline, we nurture positive change by creating a roadmap for continued success.

Life at Aspen’s West Palm Beach Recovery Center

Our patients can take their first steps to recovery safely at our beautiful West Palm Beach rehabilitation center. 

We provide a serene and relaxing environment, great amenities, and a fully licensed staff of drug and alcohol rehabilitation specialists. 

Our Treatment Program

Aspen’s programs focus on individual patient care, delivering the support you need based on where you are in your journey.

This means that our patients don’t follow a predetermined path, but a more holistic approach based on their needs. 

Aftercare Programs

Aftercare support is extremely important in the fight against relapses. By providing support and aftercare programs, we help our past and present patients stay connected to their peers at Aspen to help others and stay on the right path.