Aspen’s residential rehab program offers patients the chance to work on their sobriety with the support of recovery professionals. Backed by years of experience and knowledge, our team is here to help you fight your addiction.

Life with Aspen’s Residential Rehab Services

Aspen’s residential rehab program provides top-quality care 24 hours a day with medical staff ready to help.  Our experienced recovery team will help you build a life you’ve always dreamed of by adopting healthy new habits.

Our Treatment Program

Aspen’s intake evaluation allows our recovery professionals to design a residential rehab program to fit your medical history and needs. Our facilities offer on-campus housing, group therapy sessions, and clinical support, amenities not typically provided at every rehab facility. 

The residential treatment services are like none other, and patients can know they’re in good hands. Our medical doctors, nursing staff, and medication dispensaries at Aspen Behavioral Health are always on-site and ready to help.  Our recovery professionals are here to help guide you to your new life as you journey to recovery.

Aftercare Programs

Residential rehab services act as a bridge in the recovery process. As you focus on your sobriety, you’ll gain the tools needed to move forward with your healthy new life.