Finding Happiness in Recovery

As newcomers to recovery, we think that life won’t be as fun, and we’ll miss out on so much fun without using drugs and alcohol. It is said that many of us forget how much fun we used to have as children without being under the influence of nothing but happiness. 

Now recovery can be fun, and you can have the time of your life without drugs and alcohol, but it will get boring at times, and it will be hard. You will be working on keeping sanity, sobriety, serenity, and happiness every day for the rest of your life. It sounds scary, but the right responses and healthy coping skills start to come naturally to whatever life throws your way after a while. 

Finding Happiness in Recovery

Tips For Finding Happiness in Recovery

We may become complacent, and our skills need to be sharpened to keep our old thoughts and habits at bay. So here are some tips for finding happiness and staying happy in recovery:

    1. Eat a Healthy Diet and Exercise – After years of abuse from drugs and alcohol on your body, your body was most likely lacking proper nutrient physical strength. With a proper balanced diet and exercise, not only will you reverse the damage you’ve caused, but it will also help you better your mood and behavior. Eat antioxidant-rich foods and be sure to fill up on fiber and high-quality lean proteins and daily walks can help boost your endorphins. 
    2. Stick to a Sleep Schedule – While we were using drugs and alcohol, we most likely weren’t getting sufficient sleep. It is known that drugs and alcohol mess with people’s circadian rhythms. Therefore, lack of sleep does not put anyone in a good mood.
    3. Surround Yourself with Positive People – Still hanging around those you used to is a sure way to end up relapsing. But you don’t just have to hang around sober people either. Whomever you hang out with, just make sure they support your sobriety and hold you accountable for your actions. A true friend will tell you when you are wrong.
    4. Practice Self Love – Drugs and alcohol had brought you to a point where you thought of yourself as a loser, a disappointment, and probably couldn’t even look at yourself in the mirror. To stay happy and healthy in sobriety, it’s important to be diligent about practicing self-love. Create positive daily affirmations, Start journaling, Read inspirational books And, most importantly, treat yourself with compassion and kindness.
    5. Find a New Hobby – After freeing yourself from the chains of drugs and alcohol, you find yourself with a lot of free time on your hands. The time you used to spend using and finding ways to use is now free for exploring new hobbies and interests. When you fill your schedule with positive activities to create or learn new skills, you feel accomplished and proud of yourself. This is not only healthy mentally but physically too.
    6. Give Back – In active addiction, your only thought about yourself. Addiction can make people selfish and unforgiving. In recovery people, you don’t even know to give you love and kindness, and in return, you do the same for the next newcomer. When giving back and doing service, you improve your self-confidence and bring a sense of meaning and purpose back to your life and others.

Start Your Road To Recovery Today at ASPEN Behavioral Health

At ASPEN Behavioral Health, we can start you on your road to happiness in recovery. It all comes from making the right decisions and sticking with them regardless of the difficulties in the journey. If you or a loved one are faced with addiction, know that there is hope beyond the dark tunnel. The following addiction recovery quotes have inspired many to reach out for much-needed treatment. Hopefully, it will help you do the same.


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