Can a Minor Enter Rehab Without Parental Consent?

As a parent, deciding to enter your child into a recovery center can be a difficult decision. The younger a person is, the more they’ll resist treatment, mainly because they lack the experience and foresight to understand the impact of addiction.

Entering recovery can help avoid a lifetime of addiction problems as an adult. This blog looks at consent if you’re over or under 18 years old, what state requires the consent of a minor, and how to find teen addiction treatment. No matter how old or young you are, recovery is possible at any age.

In the United States, if you’re 17 years old or younger and want to enter a recovery facility, you’ll need parental consent. It can seem kind of harsh to think that parents would send their child off to rehab, but sometimes there are no other options.

If a teen’s life is at risk from a substance use disorder, they could feel resentful and angry towards their parents, forcing them into recovery. Up until turning 25 years old, a young person’s brain is continuously developing, meaning that drug or alcohol use can rewire the brain.

The teens who experiment with drugs or alcohol from an early age can be left with a life struggling with addiction. This battle of substance abuse can be difficult, but recovery is possible, and it’s never too late to start the journey to sobriety. Consent from a parent under 18 years old is necessary; when you feel ready, Aspen rehab of South Florida is here to help.

If You’re Under 18

To enter any recovery facility without parental consent, you must be aged 18 or older. Even if you’re turning 18 in a month or a week, parental consent is still needed. The law doesn’t yet recognize you as an adult who can make your own choices; you need consent from an adult until then.

Those under the legal age can get their parents to enter them in a treatment center for teens, mental health treatment center, dual diagnosis treatment center, or detox facility. By law, a parent can legally bring you to a treatment center, even if you refuse. Intervention with loved ones and therapeutic teen transport can make entering treatment easier.

Technically speaking, a parent can drag their child to rehab, even if they go kicking and screaming. Depending on which state you live in, the law can require parents and youth to both give consent to enter a recovery program.

With each state having its laws governing the recovery treatment of minors, it’s good to do some research beforehand. Here’s a list of which states do and don’t require voluntary consent from teens to enter treatment.

If You’re Over 18

Whether you’ve turned 18 years old last week or even yesterday, you’re legally recognized as an adult and can enter treatment without parental consent. As a legal adult, you’re free to do as you wish, like choosing to enter school, work full-time, or even enter a recovery facility. As an adult, you can legally decide whether you want to join an addiction treatment program.

Aspen can Help

Taking the first step into treatment for drugs or alcohol dependence can be scary if done alone. At Aspen rehab of South Florida, we’re experts in addiction recovery. Regardless of your age or background, we can help. Let our team of medical professionals and recovery experts guide you as you begin to learn how to handle the stressors of a sober life. Aspen rehab of South Florida is here to help you and your teen to a successful recovery. Our team is ready to help you every step of your road to recovery and to help change your life for the better. Contact the team at Aspen Behavioral Health to learn how we can help.


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